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Many drops make a bucket, many buckets make a pond, many ponds make a lake, and many lakes make an ocean.



OUR MISSION Clear Vision. Clear Lakes.

We are facing much uncertainty and increasing pressures on our lakes, both within the region and beyond. We face problems such as invasive species, erosion, high lakefront property taxes, gentrification of communities, water degradation. Each lake and the communities that rely on them face unique problems. The Midwest’s lakes are an integral part of our everchanging ecosystem.

How we understand and respond to these changes is uncertain. In the past, we have tended to take action only after lake-related problems have developed. We need to be more proactive in our fight to keep our lakes pristine. We will need to think broadly and integrate multiple factors in our planning.

The Midwest Lakes Policy Center strives to reinvent a new decision-making process which ensures fair, informed and open public participation; from Waterfront Landowners, Sailors, Local Businesses and Farmers. We all need to be involved.

OUR SERVICES No voice is too soft, no problem is too small to be heard.

Future and Current Property Owners- Nothing is more damaging to lakefront property values than pollution and erosion. Let us investigate water quality and fishing stock before you buy, or during ownership.The EPA finds that on average only 7% of Midwest lakes are considered outstanding.

Lake Associations, City or State Governments- EPA/OSHA and PADI Certified Consultants on call for all your lake and watershed needs.

Local Businesses, Chamber of Commerce- Do you rely on lakes and their watersheds for your economic success? Join us in lake sustainability by becoming a member or having your lake featured as Lake of the Month.

Schools, Nonprofits- Do you need a speaker for a special event? Our Executive Director has worked with the Ministry of Fisheries in the Kingdom of Tonga, has done research and studied at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago and the University of Chicago. He has worked as an Environmental Consultant for corporations as varied as Coca-Cola and Ford Motor Company. He is currently working on his PhD.

We can help with any and all lake related issues, drop us a line.


Algal Blooms





Invasive exotic species


Climate change


Shoreline development

Wastewater treatment




VOCS-Volatile Organic Compounds





Mercury in fish

Acid rain

Polluted Runoff